Our Focus

Supernal Software is about one thing only.  Risk Management for financial institutions.

It is this precise focus that allows us to stand out from the crowd of “Enterprise Risk Management” vendors in the market.  While traditional ERM vendors do Risk Management as an ‘add-on’ or side feature of their solution, Risk Management is our ONLY solution.

Our Value

Supernal Software is the only Risk Management solution provider that is focused on eliminating failure, one risk at a time.  We do this by bringing a laser-like focus on using Risk Management as a strategic ‘value add’ to financial institutions – driving out complexity, confusion, time, and cost – delivering a better bottom line.

Supernal Software delivers this value through three pragmatic, easy to adopt, and high value tools:

  • PEM Process:  An industry leading methodology for the implementation and support of Risk Management in financial institutions.  Based on decades of Risk Management experience, the PEM Process allows you to have the shortest path to the greatest Risk Management ROI.
  • Coexistence Strategy:  The industries ONLY strategy for peaceful solution and information integration to existing risk management systems within your financial institution.  Our Coexistence Strategy ensures that you are able to easily and intuitively share Risk Management functionality and information across your organization – giving you a complete Risk Management picture, allowing you to manage risk for advantage, while allowing you to migrate to Supernal Software modules as your need determines or as your organization is ready.

How can we deliver the greatest value to you?  Because our company and our solutions have been designed and built by bankers and examiners for bankers and examiners.  Our decades of pragmatic, hands-on experience in risk management and compliance and examinations gives us a unique perspective that other vendors just don’t have.

Our Objectives

  1. Create solutions that simplify and improve risk management for banks and credit unions.
  2. Support our customers in their risk management responsibilities and the institutions they serve.
  3. Deliver the fastest and greatest risk management ROI in the industry.

Supernal (soo pur’n’l) means “superior view or vision that enables the complex to become simple.” This is our passion and the reason we come to work each day.
Our commitment to you is that our solutions will always be logical and easy to use. We’ll help you protect your institution from undue risk and make your institution better.