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“Eliminating Optimism Bias in Risk Management”

feb-26People think optimistically when it comes to risk management. The result? Increased risk and cost to your organization.

Optimistic thinking leads to a false sense of security, a disconnect between assessment and reality, and poor risk management practices. It has to stop.

Take 30-minutes and learn how to eliminate the “optimism bias” for improved advantage and profitability. You have nothing to lose and whole lot to gain.

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Having access to good, credible information is a contributor to risk management success. We know this all to well as former bankers and examiners. To help solve this, Supernal Software brings together some of the best industry=related articles, papers, and data to help you understand and manage risk. Here are two pieces of information we’re confident you’ll be glad you reviewed. If you need more, please contact us and we’ll get it to you right away.

ERMS - 2012Paper: Risk Management Survey 2012 – Deloitte


Long VIewArticle: The Long View: Getting a New Perspective on Strategic Risk – The Economist

Eliminate Failure, One Risk at a Time.

Financial Institutions are faced with increasing and complex financial, regulatory, and reputational risk – contributing to increased cost and lost profit.

Current risk management methods don’t seem to work anymore. Isn’t it time to consider something better? Something to help you manage risk for greater advantage and profitability?

Risk Management

Feeling a little exposed? It’s hard not to in an environment of increased financial, reputational, customer, and institutional risk. The good news is that you can remove that feeling by surrounding yourself with the right information and tools. Information on risk management, best practices, and actionable checklists. And, tools like Supernal Scout, PEM, and Coexistence.

We know the challenges you face every single day. We have the solutions to those challenges. Solutions that get to work right away in a budget and time friendly way. Learn More…