The Keys To A More Focused Risk Assessment

What does it take to do a complete risk assessment for your financial institution?


9 Simple Steps to Vendor Management

Maintaining a comprehensive third-party vendor due diligence program can see like a tall order.   Click here to download white paper on 9 Simple Steps to Vendor Management.

Vendor Management – The Big Picture

What does it take to  have a good Vendor Management program in your institution?

Our Vendor Management webinar outlines what examiners are asking about for Vendor Management, provides an explanation of the current process, and how your institution can save time and money while having a more effective Vendor Management program.  (more…)

Implementing ERM

The financial industry is experiencing a growing interest in enterprise risk management (ERM). This collective focus can be attributed to many powerful forces, including increased performance pressures, heightened impact of modern threats, regulatory oversight, and new shareholder expectations over how institutions are managed.  Click here to download white paper.



ERM: A Management Perspective

Jumping on the ERM bandwagon is not as easy as you think.  This webinar will explain the process and what needs to be done to be effective on your ERM journey.


5 Steps to Creating Meaningful Risk Assessments

Your information security program and the resulting risk assessment process is the foundation for many activities that follow, such as the general controls review and the multitude of other risk assessments. When developing or refreshing your information security strategy, there are many considerations to weigh in order to ensure the institution truly benefits from the process. How you implement this is crucial for the success of the risk assessment process. (more…)

Optimism Bias and Risk Management

By nature, humans have an innate tendency to expect the best out of a situation – a psychological phenomenon known as optimism bias. Optimism bias is defined as a bias that causes a person to believe that they are less at risk of experiencing a negative event compared to others. In the risk management world, this occurrence can affect people who analyze and report risk, which leads to inaccurate results within their risk assessments. (more…)

Executing ERM

ERM is now one of the fastest growing areas in risk management and compliance.  Learn some background and history behind ERM and learn how you can start building ERM into your banks operations to start truly reducing risk. (more…)

Enterprise Risk Management

Supernal presents some of the background and history behind Enterprise Risk Management. Learn why ERM is important and how you can improve your institution by implementing some basics. We also review the ERM Module in Scout and examine how you should use it and how it may evolve in the future. (more…)

Mobile Banking Risks

Supernal reviews the FDIC Winter 2011 Supervisory Insights article titled Mobile Banking: Rewards and Risks. Like the article, we’ll focus more on the risks and how mobile banking should be incorporated into your risk assessment. Even if you don’t supply your users with a downloadable mobile banking application, these risks still apply to your institution. (more…)