Reduce Confusion.  Get More Done.  Make Smarter Decisions.

Managing risk and tracking compliance are more challenging than ever.  Threats, risks and requirements continue to grow in number, serverity and complexity.  If you don’t have modern tools you will never be able to identify and prioritize the work needed to be done, you will continue to miss deadlines and you will not have the reporting that you need to make smart, cost-effective decisions.

In short, inferior tools and processes put you, your insitution, your board and your customers at risk.  You are also setting yourself up for a rough exam.

Supernal offers Scout, a suite of web-based risk management and compliance tools.  Because different institutions have different needs and challenges, we’ve grouped these easy-to-use tools  into four separate packages:

The goal is to get you working and improving as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Each package looks and works the same so that your learning curve is minimized and your ability to work in different packages is enhanced.  You can start out using our proven templates and take advantage of Scout’s flexibility to customize your own risk management environment over time.

View our solutions below or contact us to speak with a risk management solutions specialist and learn how more than 1,500 risk and compliance professionals use Scout get more done.

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 Information Manager Package contains four modules:

  • Risk Assessment       
  • Red Flags                   
  • Controls Audit
  • Task Module

Vendor Manager



Vendor Manager Package contains two modules:

  • Vendor Management Module
  • Task Module 

Payment Manager



BSA & Retail Payment Package contains four modules:

  • BSA Module
  • ACH/Retail Payment Module
  • Controls Audit Module
  • Task Module

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The Management Dashboard contains three modules:

  • ERM Module
  • Controls Audit Module
  • Task Module