Failure is costly to reputation and the bottom line. Failure can be avoided by managing risk.

Supernal coordinates your risk management into one powerful, integrated system. Most importantly, it’s easy to use.

You’ll get step-by-step guidance so you can eliminate failure, one risk at a time.


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Supernal solutions include Scout, our web-based risk management software.
We combine this technology with best-in-class IT support, implementation, and training.


With Supernal, you get risk information faster and with less disruption to your employees and your business. You get user-friendly software that harnesses information from your existing tools. You get risk management that just makes sense.

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PEM Process


Supernal customers get customized solutions, training, and ongoing coaching. We call it our PEM Process.


Plan: We identify your risk management maturity and create a “right-sized” product. Get exactly what you need without paying for unnecessary services and functions.

Execute: The implementation stage is designed to bring your new solution online quickly, without disruption. We also provide seamless data transfer and staff training. And we do it all on-site.

Manage: You’re never left to “figure it out.” We’re constantly reaching out to identify issue areas and share best practices.

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Coexistence Strategy


House all your risk management activity in one system. We provide the solution to migrate your risk information from many sources into one central risk management tool.

It’s called a coexistence strategy because you can continue to use your current data tracking systems—if you choose. Supernal’s solution can “coexist” with your existing processes, limiting the stress and expense of massive change.

When and if your institution is ready, you can opt to phase out old information tools and operate solely within the Supernal risk management platform.

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Coexistence Model

The ability to eliminate failure, one risk at a time is dependent upon the application of all Supernal Solutions – SCOUT, PEM, and Coexistence. The combination of these three is a powerful tool in your risk management arsenal – delivering clear, monetizable benefit to your financial institution.

Don’t settle for one-half of a solution, or one-third of a solution from someone else. You can’t afford to do only one-half or one-third risk management. You need to eliminate failure, preserve and grow profit, attract and retain customers, and lower time and cost associated with compliance.

Supernal is that solution. Period.