Case 1

The Supernal team arrived to support a Midwest financial institution with its transition from spreadsheet risk management to Supernal Scout. The customer’s risk assessment included 26 pages of documentation and had taken roughly a dozen middle managers over three weeks to prepare. It was out of date and hadn’t helped generate any meaningful recommendations or actions.

In two days, we helped them recreate the entire risk assessment. The Supernal solution immediately identified 99 specific recommendations across 11 operational areas of the bank—ranked by highest and most urgent need.

Case 2

A Wisconsin community bank needed to update its Red Flags risk assessment. Previous assessments took a whopping 200 hours to complete. With Supernal’s solution, they updated their Red Flag assessment in just two!

The customer also received several automated suggestions for risk mitigation in areas they hadn’t even considered the year before. Today’s risk management environment is too complex for traditional tools and outdated processes. Too much gets missed, creating new risk, financial exposure, and cost to the organization.

Isn’t it time to do something different? Something better? Something that increases your risk assessment and management accuracy while also lowering exposure and cost? Of course it is.

Ask yourself:

  • What could you be doing if we weren’t buried in compliance?
  • What risks are you missing?
  • Are you wasting money on the wrong risk activities?
  • Is your risk assessment “examiner-ready” so you can pass an exam quickly and at little to no cost?

With Supernal, you never have to wonder. You’ll know.
Supernal solutions are right-sized for your institution. Accomplish exactly what you need in a risk assessment without paying for unnecessary services and functions.