For a Better Bottom Line

Proper, integrated risk management adds customers, deposits, revenue, and profit.  It’s been proven over and over again. Formalized and regular risk management is a key, integral part of managing the business and organization which delivers direct contribution to the bottom line. Conversely, haphazard or ad-hoc risk management adds cost, time, and disruption to the organization.

Risk management is not an option for best-in-class and the most profitable financial institutions.  These organizations use risk management as a competitive advantage to drive up value and cost down.  They use risk management as a way to gain and retain customers, to protect their reputations, and to increase profitability.

RM vs ERM.

How do you get to a better bottom line?  Eliminating failure, one risk at a time.

Risk management is much more than a compliance exercise.

Risk management leads to better decisions, financial safety, lowered cost-of-business, enhanced reputation, and increased profitability. Banks and credit unions achieve these benefits when they are able to:

  • Identify high-potential and high-impact financial, security, and operational risks
  • Better prioritize resource allocation and spending
  • Set strategic, long-range risk reduction objectives and measure progress
  • Foster a culture of security and risk awareness
  • Make business decisions from a place of confidence

The Past

Historically, risk assessments were strictly an IT event. They were performed once a year (if at all) by an individual or department and covered just one compliance area. As the industry evolved, expectations changed.

Business leaders, customers, and examiners all expected more from the risk assessment process, and that led to increased complexity, cost, and resource needs.


Banks and credit unions must evaluate every area of their organization to manage business, and financial risk. To do that, leading financial institutions fully integrate risk assessments into day-to-day operations.

The Business Value

Risk management has significant business value, contributing to lower incidence of failure, more effective use of resources, and increased stakeholder confidence. Overall, organizations improve their operations and see significant improvement in the bottom line.

How much improvement? A comparison of the average Supernal customer in any of the FDIC standard peer group categories indicates a boost in net income of up to 40% when compared to their peers. That is real value.  Click here for more information.

What about Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise Risk Management (or ERM) has become an industry buzzword.  And, that’s unfortunate for everyone.

Just like every ‘technology initiative,’ vendors and governing bodies have rushed solutions and ‘standards’ to market – creating confusion, conflicting methodologies, awkward and time consuming implementations, and increased overhead— and, oddly enough, generating additional risk in the process!

Succinctly stated, ERM is fraught with peril until the technology and governing standards are sorted out.  The biggest peril being financial and the return on investment (ROI) you get from enterprise risk management vs. a simpler and more pragmatic approach to risk management.


So, what is an organization to do?

At Supernal Software, we’ve always focused on risk management for financial institutions. Our solutions are built by examiners and bankers for bankers and examiners. SCOUT brings flexible, adaptive risk management to your environment, eliminating failure one risk at a time.

Why confuse your organization? Why try to ‘boil the ocean’ when it comes to Enterprise Risk Management? Why spend money and time adopting and implementing a large, cumbersome, and complex solution for risk management that only benefits the vendor that sold it to you? Instead, consider Supernal’s pragmatic, cost-effective, and high-impact approach to Risk Management – delivering all the benefits of ERM without the cost, time, and confusion.

You’ll be up and running in no time, managing risk, and eliminating failure – one risk at a time!  Click here for more information.

Supernal Software’s SCOUT. It’s the right tool for risk management every time.