Get control of risk management, one step at a time.

Supernal takes a complicated, multi-layered process and breaks it down into step-by-step action items.

Our solutions are ready to use right out of the box—no more searching and agonizing over the contents of your risk assessment. Plus, with our pre-populated templates, it’s easier to get your institution up and running.

With Supernal, you get

  • Confidence: Supernal solutions were developed by examiners and bankers
  • Accuracy: FFIEC guidelines are built-in
  • Efficiency: Spend days versus weeks performing your risk assessment
  • Cost Management: Quickly prioritize your risk mitigation plan with the click of a mouse
  • Actionable Information: Get useful data and reader-friendly reports you can actually understand

According to the Corporate Executive Board, senior management spends 80% of their time on risk processes (completing forms and evaluating risks) and only 20% of their energy actively managing issue areas. Turn this 80/20 rule in your favor and spend more time lowering your risk.