Cybersecurity is an even larger concern for banks and credit unions in 2016 than it has been in the past.  And as the number and severity of threat facing financial institutions rises with each pass year, executives must not devote more resources towards cybersecurity.  This white paper outlines 5 areas that Supernal has identified as major concerns in regards to cybersecurity.

9 Simple Steps to Vendor Management

Vendor Management is a not just a major focus for examiners.  It is a critical step to ensure you have properly identified and addressed all risks posed by third parties.  We analyzed the FFIEC guidance and consulted examiners to break down the process into nine simple steps.


Implementing ERM

As financial institutions realize value through strategic risk management, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) becomes a logical next step for enhanced decision making.  While ERM can be a daunting initiative, the biggest step is to simply prepare and get started.  This white paper outlines the basis of ERM and common procedures that help you begin the journey.


Risk Assessment Best Practices

A proper risk assessment is the crucial first part of a strategic risk management process.  Done right, it clearly delivers information to the board and aids decision making.  This white paper outlines risk assessment best practices based on the experiences of some of our best customers.


Spreadsheets Aren’t Free

Need to do a simple analysis?  Break out a spreadsheet!  It's a tool you know how to use and it's already on your computer.  But when it comes to managing data and projects like risk assessments and controls audits, a speadsheet will quickly fall short and possibly cause harm.

This white paper outlines 5 key areas where spreadsheets actually create additional costs and show you how to find if they are 
hiding risk at your financial institution.


Effective Board Reporting For Risk Management

FFIEC guidance and examiners want more board involvement on strategic risk management decisions.  But much of their understanding hinges on the reporting and information they receive. This white paper outlines what to include in three required annual reports, as well as tips get started and gain traction with the board.


Why Compliance Alone Does Not Address Cyber Risk in Finance

On Sept. 13, 2016 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released the nations's first proposal for cybersecurity regulation in the financial sector.  While this is a step in the right direction, compliance alone cannot keep pace with emerging cyber risk.

This Ebook outlines 4 emerging cyber threats, as well as how a risk-based, not a compliance-based, approach will ultimately better prepare you and your institution for current and future cyber risk.