Background - What You Need to Know

In 2014, recognizing the frightening growth of cyber security threats, the FFIEC launched a study to evaluate the preparedness of community financial institutions against cyber risks.

Based on the results, the FFIEC introduced the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool in June 2015.  This tool helps financial institutions determine:

  • Inherent Risk Profile -  inherent risk relevant to cyber risks
  • Cyber Security Maturity - current state of cyber security preparedness

Using these results, top management, the board and risk managers can then make strategic decisions to protect themselves and better prepare for cyber attacks.

How Supernal's Software Tools Help

Our customers recognized the importance of analyzing their cyber security preparedness.  But they wanted the ability to take the foundations of the published FFIEC tool and work in the same automated, productive manner they utilized using our risk management software products.


  • An intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Step-by-step guidance that reduces confusion, increases accuracy
  • Online collaboration with your team, rather than fighting multiple pdf's
  • Clear, meaningful analysis and reporting
  • Follows the guidelines of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool


  • Organized, consistent processes and reporting generate meaninful data that the board can understand and use to guide responsible decisions
  • Step-by-step methodology builds confidence and helps the risk management team get started faster
  • Logical interface clearly shows what steps have been accomplished and what has not, so the team does not miss any critical steps
  • Online format enhances a team approach and prevents a gap in knowledge and workflow if a single, key person leaves
  • Better workflow and reporting helps prepare your institution for by cyber security-related questions during examinations

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The Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Software is FREE to US finanical institutions.  To get access, follow the link below.

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