Consistency at its finest.

Financial institutions looking to manage risk, track compliance and meet industry regulations need tools to manage and prioritize work on a consistent basis. Organizations are putting the institution, customers and board of directors at risk by missing deadlines and designing under-developed reports created by inferior tools. As risks and compliance continue to grow in complexity and severity, board members need to be able to quickly understand what risks and requirements are present, and the steps being developed to handle said requirements and risks.

Enter Scout. Our software is designed to consistently deliver heat spot reports, assessments, audits and more. 

task management made easy.

Supernal Software prides itself on the intuitive design of Scout. We understand that compliance and risk assessment can be overwhelming subjects, but Scout's interface will help you navigate the software quickly and efficiently. 

Because the risk management software is designed with ease of use in mind, the task management functionality is unparalleled. Users can see what is being done and at what stage of completion a certain task is at. This feature allows top management to assign new tasks to the corresponding department. Regular spreadsheets and documents tend to overburden team members - Scout doesn't.

customized for your institution.

Different institutions have various challenges and needs. We want you to start using Scout with as minimal learning curve as possible. Since no hardware needs to be purchased, you can instead use one of the five different modules built into the software to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

It's time to take advantage of Scout's flexibility and incorporate your own risk management environment to use with the various packages:

  • Compliance Manager: Identify major risks in your business lines and produce a risk score for any service or product offered.

Compliance Manager

  • Information Manager: Prepare IT audits and track reports to ensure risk assessments cover all regulatory compliance.

Information Manager

  • Management Dashboard: Take risk management to the next level thanks to greater cooperation within your organization while moving more into risk alignment.

Dashboard Management

  • Payment Manager: Document your organization's risk levels pertaining to retail payment systems and prepare for ACH and BSA audits. 

Payment Manager

  • Vendor Manager: Utilize a consistent, repeatable approach to contract management. Easily track performance and vendor risk assessments. 

Vendor Manager

Tired of feeling overwhelmed with the numerous risk assessments and compliance standards? Contact Supernal for help with consistently and efficiently managing your institution's risk.